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Wedding celebrant in Paris

Welcome, I am Aude and I am so thrilled you're here ! 

Aude Abadie.jpg

And yes, being in Paris or basking in the sun of Provence may be The Big Thing :)

But what if you could also have a ceremony that is yours and only yours ?

It would be a nice icing on the cake, don't you think ?

Or maybe the whole cake itself :)

We've all been to a ceremony we couldn't wait to be over. Maybe the story wasn't relevant, perhaps the speaker couldn't be heard, or maybe it's the same story we've heard many times with just the names replaced.

​Don't let your ceremony be one of these.​ 
I believe your day, your love story and your relationship is unique.

Photo Aude officiante.jpeg

Being an officiant was my calling and I passionately love it.

Celebrating love and writing couples stories has become kind of an addiction. Every time I see a couple, I see a story. Even when they don’t know they have one.

And I could go passionately telling the vibrant stories of my past couples.

All heroes.

Pure gems.

All coming with resonating, moving, compelling love stories and ALL different.

Unrevealed to the universe as their stories hadn’t been written yet but, trust me, their stories were as fabulous and epic as those of our most famous heroes. Well, maybe with just one slight difference, mine always come with a happy ending :).

So when a couple asks me to write their wedding ceremony, they instantly become my heroes✨💫, keeping me awake at night, giving me goosebumps, making me laugh and cry and shiver inside. And I am so grateful for it.

Being able to participate in one of the happiest moments in a couple's life is truly a privilege and it is more of a labor of love than a job for me. 

I will create and officiate a ceremony that is as unique as you and speaks to you, to your partner, captivates your friends and family in a way that is meaningful, heartfelt, true and that you will cherish and hold on to for years to come.

I bring to my work as an officiant 12 years of experience as well as expert training in ceremony writing, ceremony performance, and public speaking. 

You can feel secure entrusting your stories to me on your special day.

Your wedding day should be the most amazing, moving and fun-filled day of your life, magical and memorable. 

And your wedding ceremony is what will set the tone for your entire day.

 As your celebrant, I am available 7 days a week to conduct weddings in any location anytime day or night.

 I look forward to working with you on your way to “I Do!”

More about me

Those little and big things that make me Me

  • proud mother of 4 and now grand-mother of a little Lou 

  • happily married since 2000 to a firefighter hero in Paris  

  • birth date : January 24th (52 yo in 2024 !)

  • born in Loire Valley and raised in the beautiful city of Paris

  • favorite places in the world : France of course :) and NYC, San Francisco, Santorini, Positano, Tuscany, Jaipur,... and so many others 

  • speak fluent English, Spanish and French (still struggling with Japanese)

  • slight tendency to fall in love with my couples and make long-lasting friendships

  • strong believer that nothing happens by chance (and see, you're here !)

"No love, no friendship can cross the path of our destiny without leaving some mark on it forever"

François Mauriac

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